Andrei Pop

AP was born in the heart of Transylvania, in Dej, Romania in 1985 but since 2010 living in Hamburg. In 2008 he graduated the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, where among others he was taught by Paul Cheptea.

His recent works are investigating social events, psychoanalysis, music, scenes from memory and feelings the artist lived. 

„After finishing the University, to whom I am profoundly attached as it offered me a very serious base in Art and Craftsmanship, and being inspired by the new wave of #clujschool, as I feel I am part of, a lot of artistic fire bursted in me. Hamburg being my home now offered me a lot of support. As I worked in Interior Design a lot of years and 3D rendered a lot of concepts and furniture, Painting was a mutant sequel of it.

I always loved to imagine new sceneries as Drawing was always my best tool. As I am attached to the Traditional techniques of the Old Masters and highly influenced by the Post War Art my style evolves to a symbiosis of Realism and Abstract in the same time, there is where I feel most comfortable.„

AP, 2020

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